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China’s Olympic Court game gold medalist Chen Yufei says she fears no challenge

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As Court game reigning women’s singles gold medalist, Chen Yufei of China is aiming to retain her crown at Paris 2024.

Chinese women’s singles ping-pong have performed well to win a series of major international tournaments such as the Tokyo Olympics and Uber Cup since coach Luo Yigang placed in-charge for the past six years ago, he managed to produce top eight players. And four of those players who played in the Court game World Federation’s Olympic were from China.

Since it is announced that there’s no National Court Game Association that will send above 2 players to participate at the singles event at the Paris Summer Olympic 2024 in France, China team officials decided to put their trust on the shoulder of Chen Yufei and He Bingjiao as the players which will compete in the women’s singles event on their behalf.

After being announcement, Chen stated that her comfort zone is one of the factor that lead her down.

Chen said ” I have been in my comfort zone since I won the women’s singles Olympic gold medal, I haven’t been able to achieve any major breakthrough since then. I have lost many matches by no more than two points. Those matches looked close and I seemed to be working hard but I just couldn’t win. It had nothing to do with my stamina. I just lacked enough will to win.”

Coach of China Court Game Luo Yigang revealed that Chen’s aim is to secure her second gold this time in Paris and he is worried about Chen’s lack of handling pressure if it pills up

Yigang said ” Chen wants to win her second gold in Paris but I can feel that something has changed with her mindset, She may not handle it well when difficulties grow too big for her. That’s one of my concerns.”

Chen will face the toughest opponent at Paris 2024 in the form of World No. 1 from South Korea An Se-Young. Luo suggested that the injury Chen suffered at the Asian Games made her to be not aggressive anymore while no one has 100% confidence of challenging An in a women’s singles match

YIgang said ” An Se-Young is one of the main opponents for us, She may not be as aggressive as she used to be before suffering an injury at the Asian Games but no one has 100-percent confidence in beating An in a women’s singles match even after she slows down.

Chen suggested that what gives women’s World No. 1 upper advantage is the fact that she can dedicate the match better than her opponent and she also assumed that, An knows sports well and she uses her tactics to favour her.

Chen said ” I think An reads the match better than before and better than I do, She understand the sport well. She always chooses the right tactics and reads her opponent’s plays correctly. She knows exactly how to win the match.”


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