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Lando Norris has admitted his regrets concerning his behavior towards Max Verstappen after the pair got involved in their racing car colliding during the Formula 1 2024 at Austrian Grand Prix.

The McLaren driver was forced to end his race on Lap 64 when he collided with Verstappen when they were trying to overtake one another on the outside of Turn3 during the previous event at the Red Bull Ring. Verstappen was punished with a 10-second penalty by the stewards for causing a collision with both drivers got puncture.

Red Bull star managed to return to race after changing tyres and managed to finish on the fifth spot, while Norris was unlucky to continue with race after his racing car was damaged. On the day the Mercedes driver George Russell managed to claim an unlikely win in the final laps.

Before the race of the British GP, Norris withdrawn his comment he made at Red Bull Ring about Verstappen.

Norris said ” I think some of the things I said in the [media] pen after the race were just more because I was frustrated at times, A lot of adrenaline, a lot of emotions and probably said some things I didn’t necessarily believe in, especially later on in the week.”

He went on to mention that Verstappen doesn’t need to apologies for what happen. He further explained that his main frustration was with the aftermath of the incident which cost him 18 valuable points in the drivers standings.

Norris said ” It was a pretty pathetic incident in terms of what ended both our races. It wasn’t a hit, it wasn’t an obvious bit of contact, It was the probably the one of the smallest bits of contact you could have but with a pretty terrible consequence for both of us especially for myself.”

Norris confirmed that him and his best friend Verstappen called each other on Monday and Wednesday to ensure they were on the same page. The 24 year old indicated that Verstappen did not apologise for the move that brought an end to his race, insisted he did not need to say sorry.

Norris said ” [Verstappen] doesn’t need to [apologise]. I don’t expect an apology from him, I don’t think he should apologise, I thought it was as a review good racing. A tense move and very close to the edge. But like we said, we’ve spoken about it. We’ve talked about it and we’re both happy to go racing again.”


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