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A case was filed by a 39-year-old woman who reported rape by a man who persuaded her to leave the house with him under pretence of having found a job for her at a local butchery and later raped her repeatedly before fleeing the scene on 08 December 2020.

NPA Regional Spokesperson Henry Mamothame says on their way, he dragged her to the side of a rural road and repeatedly raped her, before fleeing the scene. After this act, she went to open a case of rape with the police, and Ntandeni was arrested in December 2020. The complaint managed to point him out to the police, as the person who raped her following his arrest.

In aggravation of the sentence, Adv Hester Pretorius urged the court not to change from minimum prescribed sentence, considering the seriousness of the offence and to consider the interest of the society amid high prevalence of offences of this nature.

Furthermore Director of Public Prosecutions in the North West says it is unacceptable for women to be violated by people who should protect them.

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