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The court heard evidence of how Christopher Tshivule(46), hijacked a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) called The Message that operated in Bekkersdal.

“Its main focus was youth development and empowerment. The Chairperson of the NPO, Billy Itumeleng Semamane, convened a Board Meeting and discussed the proposal to approach the NLC for funding.”

NPA spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwane says the board supported the idea and documents such as the NPO’s constitution and certificates were handed over to Tshivule, who had misrepresented himself as knowing a manager at NLC that can help them secure the funding. Simamane made inquiries with the NLC and discovered that their funding application was approved and dividends were paid to an account that Tshivhule was the sole signatory of.

According to the grant application form, Tshivule misrepresented himself as the chairperson of the NPO, and applied for funding in the amount of R3 million for the mobilization and organising of a Traditional Arts Festival, amongst other things. On 08 October 2018, on the strength of the NPO certificate and fraudulent grant application form, funding worth R1,575 million was granted.

Furthermore the accused man that defrauded the National Lotteries Commission(NLC), over R1,5 million was sentenced to eight years imprisonment by the Specialised Commercial Crimes Court sitting in Palm Ridge Magistrates’ Court.

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