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Minister of Justice and Correctional Services Ronald Lamola delivered a keynote address at the Women In Conflict with the Law seminar held on Tuesday,02 August 2022 at The Ranch Hotel in Polokwane.

The seminar was held in collaboration with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC), that ensured convergence of diverse stakeholders of women formations in civil and political spheres to address the plight of women in conflict with the law.

Minister Lamola says people should not forget that women made a critical interventions in the liberation struggle, they were deemed to be in conflict with the law, women of this nature were confronted with imprisonment and detention without trial under apartheid in the country. It is the dispensation of the new democracy that is changed such kind of in women practices, correctional services across the world are armed with rules formally referred to united nations rules for the treatment of women prisoners of known custodian measures.

“There is a small percentage of women incarcerated for murder of domestic violence related offences, most of the females are incarcerated for economic crimes such as theft. According to this year’s percentage 45,2% female inmates are in prison in relation to economic crimes, with the percentage of women convicted of aggressive crimes is 36,6%. What it is known about incarcerated women in South Africa is that they are economically and socially vulnerable members of the society.”Said Lamola

He further urged women to liberate social partnership with non-governmental organisations to ensure that they have an action plan which can deliver gender responsible approaches and outcomes.

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