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A National LGBTI+ organisation, Access Chapter 2 which is derived from the South African Constitution, Chapter2, has today 17th May 2022 commemorated an International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in Polokwane through its Provincial activation in making sure all these societal illnesses affecting minority of the population , particularly the Transgender persons are reduced from the society.

This follows various hate crimes within the LGBTIQ+ persons , including corrective rapes, assaults , hate speech, neglection amongst others, also the legal gender recognition and issues leading to convention practice in the households to queer children living under the oppression because of their sexual orientation or gender identities.

Access Chapter 2 Limpopo Coordinator, Ycer Machimana says the main day is to allow the society to accept queer people and treat them equaly, particularly the most vulnurable population which are the transgender persons.

“We’ve seen most transgender Leaners quiting schools because of the level of ill treatment, victimisation and neglection within their academic institutions , these comes from issues of learners unable to participate in their favourite extra mural activity , a learner denied wearing school uniform that they’re comfortable with and allign with their sexual identities and trans Leaners failing to use toilets in schools is problematic and all these needs our government to step in in order to help create a safe space for Queer children in schools and sensitize Educators” mentioned Machimana.

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