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Operation Dudula has today officially launched the movement in Limpopo held in Polokwane with the aim of an anti-immigration campaign through the removal of all illegal foreign nationals from occupying local jobs and township shops in order to put South Africans first in terms of Inclusivity on social and economic justice.

Speaking on Heita FM, The Ultimate Talk , Limpopo Operation Dudula Deputy Chairperson, Grace Ngwetjana says the launch is pushed amid the spike in the high unemployment rate in the Province, whereby job opportunities are given to foreign nationals and local people are excluded.

Ngwetjana says they’re mission is to remove all illegal foreigners from the jobs and businesses they occupy in this province to give qualifying unemployed residents opportunities in established companies within their very own communities.

Furthermore, Ngwetjana continued by saying they will ensure through the help of the immigration officers, community members and the police to remove the foreigners from their places of work and allow the movement to play a significant role in the Province.

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